Office Bearers

All our members are encouraged to put themselves forward to be nominated as office bearers at the Annual General Meeting.

Our current office bearers and their contact details can be found below. If you would like to consider joining the committee please talk to one of our current members about what’s involved and how you can get on board. As all PCAV roles are voluntary, any additional assistance our members can provide is greatly appreciated and helps the overall running of the club.


Julia Walker
P: 9718 8483
M: 0417 363 241
E: Email Julia

District Commissioner

Carolyn Hall
P: 9710 1819
M: 0404 861 715
E: Email Carolyn


Cheryl Robinson
M: 0419 401 120
E: Email Cheryl


Karen Mackenzie
P: 9432 8042
M: 0408 561 095
E: Email Karen


Maxine Wileman
M:0417 557 635
E: Email Maxine


Tracy Brereton
M:0412 597 358
E: Email Tracy

Card Secretary/New Member Liason

Melissa Dawson
P: 9718 2679
M: 0439 080 861
E: Email Melissa

Committee Members

Tracy Brereton
Jennifer Seal